Vibe Exclusive: MiMOSA likes Drake’s Sensitivity

Coming off of a crazy weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco, Vibe caught up with a sleep deprived Tigran MiMOSA in Newport Beach about to play to a tight crowd at Ten Nightclub in Orange County.

A major contributor to the West Coast sound, he has recently made Brooklyn his home. Incorporating hip-hop and pop into his bass-heavy, textured brand of dubstep and downtempo, he is forging a sound he can call his own. When the producer-DJ took to the stage following this interview waves of bass greeted the eager mob. Layering hip-hop classics on top, MiMOSA coaxed the young bass freaks into a frenzy as he swayed in time– even jumping on the speakers to engage the crowd. His charisma is as infectious as his beats– MiMOSA is a new voice in Generations EDM. Listen to it now…

Vibe: You call your sound “Future Trill”– can you define that in one sentence?
MiMOSA: Absolutely not. That was one sentence.

Who were your early influences?
Probably the golden era of hip-hop, anything in ’96– Tupac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg; all the Southern hip-hop. Psy Trance when it was first coming out, but basically a lot of hip-hop, really.

How was Outside Lands Festival?
Amazing! I grew up in SF, it’s where I got my start. It was great to be back in Golden Gate Park and get to share my music with all my friends and everyone I grew up with.

Name one rapper in the world (living) you ‘d like to collaborate with on a track.
I’d probably say Drake. I just like his sensitivity, where he’s coming from. I relate to his life experience.

Who are you listening to right now?
This cat JMSN. His album’s called †Priscilla†. …. His music is amazing.. mindblowing. I’ve been fascinated by that.

Who is your favorite performer, any genre?
Oo boy, probably Snoop and Dre at Coachella this past year. They killed it, that was probably my favorite show I’ve ever seen. Period. Ever. Was amazing. And Tupac made an epic come back from the dead so that wasn’t too bad either.

Is EDM to 2012 as hip-hop was to the early ’90s?
Definitely. For Sure. I think hip-hop is it’s own thing… But, when I was young, I felt like my whole generation was on to hip-hop, and I feel like the younger generation definitely is on the EDM thing. But hip-hop is still one of the main types of music that people listen to so… I don’t know.. Definitely food for thought… It is a new generation’s movement for sure.

What are you working on right now and in the near future? (anything you can tell us exclusively)????
Right now I’m working on wrapping up my full length album called Future Trill, Volume 1 on my label False Idol Music. We’re going to have a tour with it following in the Fall. I’m working really hard trying to wrap that up in New York.