VIBE EXCLUSIVE: Mysteryland is coming to America!


Famed Dutch events company ID&T is having an extremely strong year, to say the least. Coming off huge worldwide interest in their Tomorrowland event in Belgium, its expansion into America is also well underway. In June it unveiled its Qdance brand for the very first time at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and in October they’ll be launching the spectacular Sensation to an all-white crowd in NYC. But will this be the last of their plans for the US?

“What do you think?” co-founder Irfan van Ewijk laughed when he spoke to VIBE last week. He was able to exclusively reveal to VIBE that ID&T will be bringing its spectacular Mysteryland event to America in the very near future. The event has been running in Amsterdam for nearly 20 years, and was the inspiration for Tomorrowland, with its spectacular stage setups, immersive fantasy setting and multi-genre approach, so EDM fans can expect massive things.

“We are already exploring possible venues, teaming up with local promoters and researching the possible options of entering the country as much as possible, to bring more of our portfolio. In addition to Sensation, Mysteryland will have the same fate pretty soon. It’s very exciting.”

ID&T is the word leader in A-class, spectacle-filled EDM events, taking brands like Sensation and Mysteryland to every corner of the globe. Irfan says the response to their American adventures has been overwhelming, particularly the Qdance stage at Electric Daisy Carnival.

“We had a massive stage there, unbelievable, and people really responded very positively to the way we approach the interaction between music and stage production, the show and entertainment. They were blown away. So that was a good start, and then we’ll see Sensation launching in New York in October, and then ID&T in America will be in effect.”

The 19th edition of Mysteryland in Holland will take place this Saturday 25th August, and VIBE will be there to cover the action, and give you guys an idea of the treats America has in store. Stay tuned over the weekend!