Vibe’s Guide To Electric Zoo 2012

We’ve been drooling over the headliners for Electric Zoo for weeks now, but for the first time on Monday, Aug 20 we got to see the announced set times for what has undeniably become the biggest weekend for Electronic Dance Music in New York City.

Lineup announcement day is like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning for festival fans. We get to plan our whole experience, each day intimately unique to something we’ve been waiting to see. While some elate in seeing their dream lineup, others shed tears (no really, I’ve seen people cry) in having to choose between which sets to see and which to skip.
We’ve compiled a few easy tips for you to follow when going through the lineup to plan your Electric Zoo experience. Whether you’re going for one day, or all three, remember – festivals are about having an open mind and discovering new music and people. So long as you embrace this mantra, there’s no way you’ll have a bad time on Randall’s Island this coming Labor Day Weekend.

Take note:
• First thing, print out the schedule. It’s a lot less overwhelming to see it all laid out in front of you. If you want to save paper, then write it out on a dry erase board.
• Go through the lineup and note which acts are live and which are DJ sets. A DJ set means that the entire group is not present, or that they are not playing their show with live instruments as they are usually known to. A DJ set does not mean that a set is better or worse, but I would venture to say it will be different. If you’ve already seen a DJ set from one artist, and have a chance to see another live, I recommend you take it. (Hint, Dirtyphonics is playing a live set on Saturday.)
• Assign levels to all of the acts. For instance, circle all the acts you know you want to attend, put an asterisk next to ones that intrigue you, and cross out ones you have no interest in.
(You will undoubtedly have circled more than a few acts that are playing at the same time. It’s also likely that you have a few stages where you don’t have any acts circled.)
• Make sure at least one act on your list is someone you’ve never seen live before. You can pick this at random if you want.
• Make sure you go to at least every stage once for an act to get a feel for the vibe and the people. You don’t have to stay for a whole set, but give the DJ a chance to let you enter their world.
• How do you decide between two acts playing at the same time? Check out the social media channels for the artists. Who has new music released and is likely to drop new tracks? Some artists will have more elaborate stage setups as this will be part of their national tour stops (hint, Pretty Lights). This should help you make your decision.
• Dress up or do something special for at least one of the artists playing that day to show them love. This also comes in handy as an icebreaker for meeting fellow fans. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out what Laidback Luke fans like to do to show support.

And remember, the most important mentality to adapt come festival day is “go with the flow.” Sure, plan your schedule, but when you show up, let the music be your guide. Simply enjoy being outdoors in the beautiful venue that is Randall’s Island with the city lights as your backdrop and be bathed in the good vibes of EDM all around.

Best of luck on making your schedules, and remember that Made Events has an app for smartphones to help you schedule it all out once you’ve made your decisions. See you there. And don’t forget, we’ll be interviewing new artists every week leading up. Stay tuned for grand finale of “VIBE ZOO“– Who do you think will be headlining?