Hailing from a land of windmills and wooden shoes are three guys that are anything but delicate. The electronic music act consisting of Nik Roos, Thijs de Vlieger and Martijn van Souderen, NOISIA (or VISION upside down), take a break from their (“awesome,” said NOISIA) ID Tour performances to rap with VIBE about the hip-hop game and coping with “nerd rage.”

VIBE: Describe your sound in one sentence.
NOISIA: Good…non-cliché, not generic, energetic dance music.

Martijn, you were involved in the hip-hop scene for a bit before joining up NOISIA. Could you describe some of what you did then?
Martijn: I was interested in both hip-hop and trance music. I was very influenced by ‘90s hip-hop, and I was trying to replicate it. It wasn’t great honestly, but it was a first step towards advanced music production.

Datsik said the same thing once. He started out trying to make hip-hop, but it just came out sounding like dubstep, so he rolled with it.
Ours was actually proper hip-hop. I’ve had a bunch of hip-hop groups in Holland that I’ve produced for. In hindsight, we just sounded really old – we were ten years behind.

Tell me about your rap collaborations.
We just did a full hip-hop record with a dude from Groningen [The Netherlands]. We really like Method Man and Busta. Also B-Real with his old voice.

What does it feel like to be signed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation?
It’s quite a compliment to our music.

Any words for Hov?
Thanks dude. Use one of our beats, please. When writing for Roc Nation, you have no idea what the tune is going to be. It’s still a good publisher!

You guys lend your music to a lot of video games. What do you play?
Martijn: I play Call of Duty.
Thijs: I play FIFA, but I’m such a bad loser. I always have to stop after half an hour because I start screaming and throwing the controller around – I have “nerd rage.”

How has it been so far on the Identity Festival?

What’s your must have on tour?
The showers.