“VIBE ZOO” After Party: 12th Planet’s Sound is “Hip-Hop and Boots in the Dryer”


Every week leading up to Electric Zoo 2012, VIBE will introduce you to a banger-producing-party inducing DJ that will make Randalls Island shake like a polaroid picture on speed come Labor Day Weekend. This time we sat down with dubstep drum master 12th Planet, who will also be headlining the EZ Afterparty at Best Buy Theater (tickets are available here). Read on down below to tap into the mind of the L.A.-based DJ, born John Dadzie, including his experience behind the booth and thoughts on East Coast vs. West Coast DJs.

VIBE: Describe your dubstep style for an EDM noob in one sentence.
12th Planet: It sounds like a mix between hip hop and boots in the dryer.

What do you expect the crowds to be like at Electric Zoo?
If it is anything like last year, I expect nothing but the die-hards, and a lot of new faces to appear.

How would you explain the energy that accumulates while performing at these venues?
The energy is incredible, it literally smells like teen spirit, and awesomeness. I get the biggest rush when I can play a song that I’ve made in the studio out in front of a crowd for the first time. You never know what the initial crowd response is going to be when you play a song for the first time, but if you get cheers from the crowd, it’s the ultimate rush. You see, in the dance world, we don’t really have a radio station that can champion our cause, so everything has to be debuted live.

What does it mean to headline at the after party?
It literally means I get two sets in New York City this weekend. SWAG!

Your EP “The End Is Near” was released earlier this year. Can you explain the message behind the album, and your vision going into it?
The message is simple: the world is going to end, so let’s have some fun!

With a new album, an upcoming tour, and a mini-doc under your belt, you seem to constantly be in motion. What’s your secret to keeping the energy high and creative juices flowing?
I eat a lot of Bacon.

In the future, if you could choose any rapper/hip-hop artist in today’s music industry to collaborate with, who would it be?
I am a huge hip-hop fan, so it’s a real tough call. I would love to work with Odd Future or Juicy J.

Who’s the funnest EDM artist to party with and why.
I would have to say Skrillex. He’s got an amazing soul, and loves to make everyone around him happy. It’s a pleasure to see that sort of thing happen, and I enjoy being around happy people.

If you could raise a child with any celebrity, who would it be?
I’m think raising a child with Bryan Cranston “Walt” from “Breaking Bad” would be awesome. He seems like a great role model.

Who do you think is better – east coast or west coast DJs?
Neither, the Canadians are far more advanced in every category.

12th Planet will be going on tour across the globe this fall. Head over to his website www.12thplanet2012.com to get tickets, as well as enter for a chance to win exclusive passes to the SMOG Takeover at Control (with 12th Planet, Flinch, Noah D, Antiserum and The Juggernaut) at Avalon in Los Angeles on Friday August 24 OR a chance to meet 12th Planet at Electric Zoo Festival in NYC on Saturday, September 1.