Vibe’s Hip-Hop TurnTableCoats: dBerrie, DJ Enferno, Will.I.Am


VIBE chooses three more DJs: Each one started in hip-hop and evolved as the industry called for something new. Although the electronic sound and tempo may be completely different from these musicians’ roots, they still recognize their past, as each has made their mark on the music world. Thus, each artist is timeless and genreless. In case you missed VIBE’s first edition of TurnTableCoats,click here.

David Berrie (dBerrie)
David Berrie
This East Coaster’s DJ history is similar to that of Derek Jeter’s rise in baseball. David Berrie used to be driven into NYC by his mom at age 16 to spin at bottle clubs. The tables have turned. Now he’s playing the world’s biggest venues. Currently, Berrie’s bread and butter is EDM. Whether it be under his big room alias of ‘dBerrie’ or his real name for his underground interests, David has taken the music industry by storm. Some of EDM’s elite like Fedde Le Grand, Marco Carola, Nervo and Steve Lawler have even taken to the music produced by this unexpected dance music star-on-the-rise. Once one of of the most in-demand hip hop DJs (when he was DJ Berrie), David played private events for the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Diddy (back when he was Puff). Truly a master of breakbeat manipulation behind the 1’s and 2’s, Vibe hopes to see this turncoat make a reunion appearance with ‘Ye’ or ‘Hov’ some day.

DJ Enferno

Master of the live setup, DJ Enferno is more commonly known for his viral Youtube videos that have amazed all who have seen them. The simultaneous use of live sampling, live synth play and the mixing and matching of multiple tracks flawlessly have made him a man of interest to the hungry EDM faithful. As the DJ world keeps getting over-saturated with DJs that just press play, originality gets harder to find and it is pioneers like Enferno who stick out. Where is the hip hop? Originally a lover of soul music that later turned into a turntablism fanatic after seeing a video of the DMC competition, trust Vibe when we say Enferno got skills. After being swept off his feet by the scratch master olympiad, Enferno went to work on mastering the art. After years of dedication and a lot of broken needles, 2003 was his year. Winning the USA DMC Nationals and placing 2nd at Worlds, the kid from Virginia established his name alongside scratch legends. Today, this turncoat infuses his incredible scratching into his current setup which in itself is a new feat. When have you heard scratching and house music together and it work? Enferno doesn’t just make it work, he gets each sound compliment one another to yield the dopest of remixes.


This is a name that needs little introduction. An original member of the multi-platinum album super group, The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am is a man of many talents. Aside from his group work with the Peas, Will has released four solo albums and collaborated with everyone from U2 to Rihanna. He can be considered the purest form of a true musician; his talents have no genre boundaries. In the past couple of years, I.Am has pursued the EDM avenue. Producing tracks with dance music titans such as Wolfgang Gartner, Tiësto and David Guetta, the multi-faceted music mogul has begun to impress a whole new wave of fans. Making appearances behind the decks at NYC’s Pacha or headlining EDM festivals like Ultra in Miami, Will.I.Am has succesfully dominated the music industry multiple times. This turncoat is expected to release a number of EDM collabs in the near future and Vibe, along with everybody else, is excited.