VIDEO: Cuba Gooding, Jr. Cries Racism While Being Kicked Out of Bar

In a video obtained by gossip handlers TMZ, Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. is making a comeback on the scene, but not in the most sanguine light. He was caught on camera acting belligerent and drunk outside of The Old Absinthe House where he accused a female bartender of being a racist after being kicked out for rowdy behavior. Gooding, Jr., who earned an arrest warrant following the showdown because the woman claimed he shoved her when asked to leave the premises, was seen as rude to fellow patrons at the New Orleans restaurant for taking his picture. In the video, he’s still angry once outside, while arguing, the bartender can be heard telling somebody to alert the cops. While a witness declares he did shove her, the bartender won’t be pressing battery charges, according to the bar’s management. Check out the video below:

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