VIDEO: What’s So Good About Hot Cheetos & Takis?

Summer is almost over, so why not get your cravings filled with this delicious song from Y.N.RichKids!

Ever had the hankering for a good snack, but just didn’t know where to get some tasty treats from? Well, a group of young people out of Minneapolis calling themselves Y.N.RichKids have heard your complaints and drop a smash hit to fill your tummy and ensure your summer will never be the same.

The song is called “Hot Cheetos & Takis” and is actually so good you want to bite into it yourself just to savor the flavor. It is impossible to pick a favorite lyricist out of the crew of tike-sized MCs because all of these kids are coming with some serious swankiness to rival some of Hip-Hop’s current hit makers. By now, you’re probably wondering what the heck is a Taki, so a quick Google search revealed that they are a Mexican corn strip snack, and according to the song, they’re way better than Fritos. Don’t take our word for it, watch and let the Y.N.RichKids explain it to you below:

Y.N.RichKids are part of an after-school program called Beats And Rhymes, which was started by the North Community YMCA and Nellie Stone Johnson Community School. Beats And Rhymes is a reward-based program that helps kids make music when they keep up with their homework. It looks like Y.N.RichKids and their sister group, The NSJ Crew, have a bright and entertaining future ahead of them—as long as they keep those Hot Cheetos on deck.

Props: Washington City Paper