Vixen Chat: Kyra Chaos Releases New Leggings Line, Talks Fashion and Entrepreneurship


VIBE VIXEN: What sparked your decision to start a leggings line?

KYRA CHAOS: I always wear leggings ’cause I can’t wear alot of jeans. It’s hard to find jeans that fit. Women always see my leggings on my pictures and they always ask me where I find them, so that gave me the idea!

What made you go into business for yourself?
I’ve been a business owner before. I actually owned a hair salon for three years. I just believe in being the best at whatever you do! You always want to be the boss!

Who is your target audience for these threads?
From 8 to 80! Blind, cripple and crazy [laughs]! Everybody! Women who like to have fun with their look!

What was the design process like?
It came very naturally. I went into the fabric store and spent some time looking at fabrics. My goal was to find unique things, like a style you wouldn’t be able to find in regular clothing stores.

What was the inspiration for the collection?

Favorite design from the collection?
My favorite pair is the “Floral Chaos”! The colors are beautiful and bright! They have beautiful turquoise sequins going down each side of the leggings.

Using a pair of leggings from your line, imagine the perfect date night outfit. What would it look like?
Ooo, the “Tiger Chaos” with a nice tight blazer and a nice heel!

Describe your leggings in three words.
Fun! Sexy! Unique!

Vixens, are you loving? If so, shop here!

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