Vixen of the Day: Alexis Lewis

Alexis Lewis
Age: 25
Location: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Model, Blogger, Freelance Writer, Personal Assistant
Style: Afrocentric Chic

Inspired By: I’m personally inspired my mother first off. She’s an incredible woman who has taught me way more than I will ever be able to summarize right now. Also, I’m inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou and Angela Davis for their roles in the history of this country, and for us, as a people.

A Vixen is…
A Vixen is a women who’s tenacious and won’t take no for an answer – rather, she will be the one to tell you no. This head-turner is an intelligent, resourceful and scrappy woman. A Vixen knows the power of her femininity and how to use it.

Photo Credit: Craig White of CWP