Why She’s Not Sleeping With You

1. She’s Just Not That Into You

You may be having a great time, have good chemistry and decent conversation. You two may enjoy each others company, but you may be slipping closer to the Friend Zone. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you or that she’s not happy to hang out from time to time, but taking the next step might be a too intimate for what she sees as your romantic potential together.

2. You’re Not The Only One

It’s possible she’s seeing more than one person and doesn’t want to make things complicated by jumping into bed with someone. She may be saving herself for the person she’s going to commit to … when she’s ready to commit.

3. There’s Safety In Numbers … Of Dates

She may want to get to know you better before letting you into her holiest of holes. The truth is that many women have really terrible experiences related to having sex with someone for the first time. If you’re still getting to know each other, she has no idea if you’re the type to head for the hills once you get what you want. Or if you’re the type to throw out some weird fetish. Or even if you’re the type to get violent, demanding or controlling. YOU may know that you have none of the above issues, but she doesn’t. So she may want to spend some more time with you before she feels safe, comfortable and ready.

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