Mark Zuckerbeg’s Baby Sister Works for Google Now


Will Marky Mark flip out?

It looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister, Arielle Zuckerberg has officially been hired at Google. His sis will work as a junior product manager for the social media marketing firm Wildfire, which Google acquired Tuesday.

Also, Zuckerberg’s older sister, Randi,is currently a producer for the reality TV show “Silicon Valley,” which will air on Bravo. She worked for Facebook from 2005-2011.

Randi tweeted about her sister Arielle’s new job and cracked a small joke.

“Congrats Wildfire! There are officially now more Zuckerberg family members working for Google than Facebook! #awkward ;),” Randi said in a tweet.

Do the Zuckerbergss have another family member at Google?