The 10 Most Successful Rap Songs Of The Summer (2012)

Do you remember which rap songs were hot during the summer of 2002? If not, here’s a reminder: Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” Eminem’s “Without Me,” Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy,” and Diddy’s “I Need A Girl” all spent considerable time at or near the top of the Billboard charts. Were they the best songs of that summer? Eh, probably not. But, if you go back and listen to them now, we bet that they’ll remind you of things that you did during the summer of 2002. Summer anthems have a way of doing that.

Unfortunately, the summer of 2012 is just about over. The nights are already getting colder. The beaches are becoming less and less crowded. And, if you’re like us, you’ve already pulled out the box of hoodies that you threw in the attic in April. But, we don’t want you to completely forget about the summer of 2012 just yet. So, before you do, go ahead and burn a CD or make a Spotify playlist that includes The 10 Most Successful Rap Songs of the Summer of 2012. They aren’t necessarily the 10 best songs of the summer. But, when you pop on your CD or press play on your Spotify playlist in 2022, these songs will remind you of everything you did this summer.