10 Signs You Might Be The Other Woman


–Have you ever found yourself falling for a guy, but felt something was a little off with your budding relationship? You can never seem to get much of his time, he’s always busy, and when you call him, he’s always visiting that mother of his at bizarre hours (at least that’s what he’d like you to believe). Seriously, come on! Visiting mom at midnight, every other night, with no apparent sign of a medical emergency—there’s clearly something not right here. Girlfriend, I hate to break it to you, but you might just be the other woman.

Of course you may not have knowingly put yourself in such a situation, but often times we see the telltale signs and overlook them. A yield sign, or red flag, will pop up right in our faces and we’ll ignore it and go full speed ahead without any caution or concern. We see the hiding, scheming, and manipulating and we turn our heads because we’re happy we’ve managed to snag ourselves a man. Well I’m here to tell you, despite the numerous “No I don’t have a girlfriend,” “Nah, I’m not married,” and “Oh her? She’s just my best friend” you hear, the signs are pointing to “your” man belonging to someone else.

Hey, if you don’t mind sharing a man, (not sure why any woman would in this day and AIDS, I mean age), then continue to turn a blind eye. But if you know you deserve more than a half-ass so-called relationship built on suspicion, then acknowledge the blaring signs. And just to keep you covered and aware, here are a 10 signs that you just might be the other woman.