112’s Michael Keith Debuts ‘I’m Just Saying’ Series On Love, Life And Relationships

VIBE is happy to introduce our newest featured blogger, Michael Keith. Keith is a part of the R&B group, 112, from Atlanta, Georgia, most notably recognized for their hits like “Only You,” “Peaches and Cream,” and their collaboration with Puff Daddy and Faith Evans, “I’ll Be Missing You” which added a Grammy to their list of accomplishments. Now Keith turns to writing about everyday life, from relationships, to hip-hop, to whatever sparks his fancy, he’ll be sharing how he feels with you. Stay tuned to see what Michael Keith has got to say in his “I’m Just Saying” series.

Question: What do you do if your man won’t stop cheating? I wanna leave but I love him so much.

Answer: HOLY love and hip hop batman!

We have ourselves quite the conundrum don’t we? Seriously, who in the hell allows themselves to fall deeply in love with a bona fide, true to life player, hoping one day you will change him, and he’ll finally be the man of your dreams? I mean really? Where do they do that? The answer is….Everywhere.

Sadly, you are not alone. You see, as a society we have forgotten what it means to love ourselves above all else. Trust me, if you truly have self love you would not allow nor condone this type of behavior from your significant other.

You have to have enough love for yourself to leave the relationship cold turkey if he doesn’t change regardless of how much you love him.

But here’s where I will lose some of you, because honestly I don’t blame the player for playing… I BLAME YOU! That’s right I said it, I BLAME YOU! wanna know why? Its because he knows he’s a player, and he also knows that you know he’s a player, and yet you remain devoted to him and all his playing ways, so of course he’s not gonna stop cheating. Hell, why would he when he knows deep down that you’re not going anywhere?

Oh yeah sure, he’ll catch a little hell from you but that’s about it. He will tell you everything you wanna hear, be on his best behavior, (for awhile) and VOILA once again he’s back in your good graces. Wooo Whoooo cheating time again!

All is not lost however, because there is a simple solution to this dilemma. But just because its simple doesn’t necessarily mean that its easily executed. You have to accept the fact he’s never gonna stop cheating unless he has a reason too.

Your significant other isn’t afraid to lose you because you haven’t given him a reason to feel otherwise. So what do you do? Sit down with your significant other in a non-confrontational manner, and let him know that this is going to stop right here right now or I’m out! (That’s the easy part) the really hard part is having the courage and conviction to make good on your promise and really be out! Otherwise he’s gonna know your full of it and this time he’ll be going around the crib singing the lyric to”Playa” (GOD I loved that song. who was it by again?….oh I forget) I’m just saying…

Michael Keith is featured contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @Michaelkeith112. VIBE does not take any ownership of the material published or endorse any of the opinions expressed.