Caesars Palace To Host $17 Million Las Vegas Buffet


Now high rollers can make it rain in the name of grub.

The extravagant Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will be hosting a $17 million Bacchanal Buffet Monday, promising food-goers “an over-the-top-feast” that boasts nine kitchens and chefs whipping up more than 500 dishes, MSNBC reports.

“We are offering the most items out of any buffet in Las Vegas,” said executive chef Scott Green, noting that the original menu was narrowed down from 750 items for the best selection.

If you ever considered what your last meal would it be, they’d probably be serving it here, everything from prime rib to king crab to lasagna to sushi. Even the desserts are delectable: chocolate soufflé, gelato or crème brûlée. Breakfast may be prime time to dine as they’re made-to-order omelets and crêpes, breakfast pizzas and red velvet pancakes are made right before your eyes.

Green ensures perfection, “Personally, I believe this is the perfect size, the perfect outcome of what a buffet should be.”