2012 Summer Movie Roundup: The Winners & Losers

With the gong of Labor Day squarely sounded and the biggest movie coming out this weekend being The Words (yawn), the summer movie season has officially ended. And what a season it was! There were talking teddy bears, sparkling pop stars, superheroes saving cities and even a lame-brained Adam Sandler vehicle. While the Marvel men of The Avengers walked away with boffo box office ($620 million domestically), let us not forget the stirring achievements of Beasts of the Southern Wild. And although Battleship was the most noticeable film to be sunk and skewered, other big-name (and equally forgettable) fare also went belly-up, like a certain Johnny Depp vampire flick that barely remains nestled in our memory.

So what were the biggest winners and losers of this summer’s cinematic offerings? Was Taylor Kitsch or Channing Tatum the ultimate stone-faced leading man? Who wore it better, Jermaine Clement or Guy Pearce (“it” being transformative makeup)? Did animation dominate music, or vice versa?

Check out our match-ups to see who and what were the victors of this year’s summer movie slate: