3 Desperate Apology Moves You Should Probably Ignore

From WWMD (@WWMDtv)–Chad OchoCinco is a curious case. Obviously, the man got the blues. After losing his job, his lady, and the security of a lucrative future the only thing this man needs to complete his one-man pity party is a harmonica and a pet gray cloud. As if his display wasn’t sore enough, in an act of mourning, or perhaps reconciliation (again, a curious case) the man with the iron clad forehead recently tattooed quite the ghastly gesture on his leg, a portrait of former wifey, Evelyn Lozada…POST divorce… Interesting…

*serious side-eye*

So much to say here. So, so, so much. I too am forced to rub my forehead in response to this man’s behavior. However, even in the rubble of confusion that epitomizes this man’s life and recent actions, one thing certain prevails: He’s sowwy :( Kinda makes you wanna curl that bottom lip huh? But is an apology, or even being sorry enough? Guess that question can only be answered by the Juliet being serenaded to. What can be answered for however, are the reachy apologies that we should all ignore, or at least stand hella stoic on until its double packaged with some serious change. Feel me?

So yeah, let’s start with the obvious:

1. A Calf Muscle Tat

Although I’m sure a high level of  investment went into the homage inked on the man’s leg, it’s seems to be lacking the most important part of an apology –emotional investment. Like I’m sure it hurt, and he did it because he felt bad, but does it deliver a promise of sincere change? Negativo. Typically chicks usually go gaga over grand gestures –horse and carriage moments, public engagement announcements, ish that solicits admiration and envy of other women watching -yes we live for that. And when guys pander to our pretty little pettiness, they automatically get points.Yet there’s a fine line between a grand gesture and being outlandish. Guess which side of the line a calf muscle tattoo of an ex’s whole head, neck, and collar bone falls on?