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5 NBA 2K13 Changes You Can Thank Jay-Z For!

It’s been arguably the biggest sports-debate question of the past 10 years: Who is the best basketball game—NBA Live or NBA 2K? Many would say that 2K has won that discussion, with 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive’s high-ranking meta-game offering gamers a title that any basketball fan has to pick up. After shooting past the mountaintop with a classic Michael Jordan cover in NBA 2K11, 2K Sports’ award-winning franchise has begun to consistently show a plume in outdoing itself.

NBA 2K13 is no exception. For the first time, rap impresario Jay-Z has entered into the digital playing field by serving as the executive producer for the game. His inclusion in the project, much like his lauded Made In America film project with Ron Howard, means that both Hova and 2K are about creating memorable experiences. The biggest draw for NBA 2K13, outside of the otherworldly gameplay and foundation, is its customization. Gamers can now intuitively feel apart of the game as they decide what they want to wear to the game, acquire their own pre-game rituals, and use Virtual Currency to purchase all-new casual clothing and equipment.

The fact that the team at 2K Sports has brought Jay-Z in as an executive producer is enough to be thankful for. His presence is overwhelming in the game, and that’s a great thing, too. Sadly, you have to wait until October 2nd to experience the electrifying opening sequence Hova has put together—but don’t worry we got you covered. Below are 5 NBA 2K13 Changes You Can Thank Jay-Z For… just make sure he sends those Brooklyn Nets season tickets to us.

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