5 Things to Say When You Run Into Your Ex After A Bad Breakup

–Picture it. You’re in the grocery store, picking up a few things for dinner. As you begin to make your way to the poultry aisle, you’re immediately stopped dead in your tracks as if you’ve seen a ghost. You look closer and behold it’s your ex. Not just any ex, but THE EX—the one who broke your heart into a million little pieces.

Immediately, your mind rapidly races while your heart begins to pound like it’s about to jump out of your chest. And as you begin to zone in and out replaying the tumultuous break-up in your mind, you’re saying to yourself, “Ugh, what should I do? Did s/he see me? Damn, yea s/he saw me, s/he’s walking over now. Should I just run? What do I say?” And suddenly, snapping you out of the panic attack is her/his voice, “Hey what’s up? It’s been a long time.” And you say …

Many times after a bad break-up, we seem to think we would know what to say should we happen to run into our exes. Of course, a slew of obscenities are always at the top of that list. But rather than let emotions get the best of you (don’t forget the months of therapy you’ve gone through), here are a few choice words you can use should you run into see your ex after a bad breakup.

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