The 5 Weirdest Beefs Between Rappers and NBA Players


Most of the time, rappers and NBA players get along. They attend the same parties. They kick it at the same nightclubs. Hell, in some cases, they even date the same groupi…er, “girls.” But, every so often, a rapper takes a shot at an NBA player—or vice versa—and starts a beef that, truth be told, never ends well. Most rappers can’t play ball, and most ballers can’t rap, so there’s really no fair way to settle the score.

Well, there’s usually no fair way to settle the score. For the last few years now, Lil B and Kevin Durant have taken shots at one another on Twitter. It started with KD calling Lil B’s music wack. It escalated with Lil B responding to KD. And, most recently, it resulted in Lil B threatening to catch a plane to Oklahoma City to—get this—play Durant in a game of one-on-one. Pretty weird, right?

Sadly, though, the Lil B/Kevin Durant beef isn’t the weirdest beef we’ve seen go down between rappers and ball players. Not even close, in fact. And, to prove it, we put together a list of The 5 Weirdest Beefs Between Rappers and NBA Players. We’re still scratching our heads and wondering why in the world these beefs went down.