Actress Amanda Bynes Barricades Self In Dressing Room

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After being caught smoking while driving, Amanda Bynes has taken her erratic behavior to a hip Hollywood botique and locked herself in a dressing room for nearly 2 hours.

While shopping at Kin, a West Hollywood store, the actress took some clothes inside the fitting room and stayed in there for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The clerks heard a banging sound coming from inside the dressing room every 10 minutes, with one person even making a distress call to another employee, saying he was concerned for Bynes safety. The employee drove into the store to help, but to no avail, as Amanda wouldn’t come out, telling them, “I need more time.”

Around 5:30pm, Pacific Standard Time, Amanda Bynes finally came out of the dressing room, went to the register and bought a pair of stilettos, a pair of sunglasses and a few other things, according to TMZ.

Yet, in another twist adding onto the strange legend of the former Nickelodeon star, as Bynes walked out of the store she noticed she still had on a bathing suit top that she tried on earlier in the dressing room. She quickly told the clerk that she forgot it was on, paid for the suit, and took a cab back to parts unknown. It’s unclear how she arrived at the store in the first place.

Props: TMZ