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Andre Ward Vs. Chad Dawson Slideshow

In an epic boxing match, Andre Ward, the 2004 Olympic gold medalist and super middleweight champion triumphed over Chad Dawson, the light heavyweight champion in Oakland, CA on Saturday. The high-profile fight was one of the most exciting ones in recent history, and Dawson was touted as Ward’s toughest competitor yet. Ending the fight in a knockout, Ward was able to defend his undefeated streak, as well as his super middleweight championship title in a pivotal moment for his career. Ward told USA Today, “With better competition I rise to the occasion. It might have looked easy but Chad Dawson is a monster.” Dawson told the same new source, “Andre Ward is a hell of a champion.” Both men walked away with mutual respect for their opponent, but Andre Ward walked away with the glory and the belt too. For more, flick through these shots from the thrilling fight.

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