Are Men Controlling Their Women’s Image Nowadays?

As women, we look to fashion to express our individuality. For someone like Kim–who’s looked at as a fashion icon and who has years of experience styling and reorganizing closets herself–to let her relatively new boyfriend come in and redecorate her own closet and revamp her entire image, some flags were raised, in my opinion. Fashion is something that allows us to convey our emotion, and should be used as a creative outlet. But as times change, and more and more metro-sexual and fashion-forward men are starting to emerge, can fashion still be a woman’s outlet?

As stated by former flames, Kim seems to be the nurturing and attentive one in her relationships. As Ray-J puts it, she used to have his toothpaste on the brush before he even woke up at dawn. With that being said, she’s already bending over backwards to show her man that she cares and how much she appreciates them.

Not to bash men, but if you give them one thing, they typically take advantage of it and look for the next thing to control. Was this occurrence just a special act of kindness, or do you see this as an open door for men to gain more control in a relationship, where they are already dominant? Speak out.–Erica Mena and Lamont Johnson