Avengers Assemble! 5 Awesome Rappers Turned Into Superheroes

Rap is music’s ultimate bloodsport. It is a place where only the strongest survive and the weak are made to submit themselves to WorldStarHipHop. The battleground of the best means that above many, there are few. With those few, only a select handful are successful and thereby are the protectors of the industry we’ve come to know as rap. Growing up, our favorite stars were looked at as superheroes in the eyes of many. They were able to leap tall punchlines in a single bound; rhyme faster than the speediest Twista; and have vision that would make Superman envious.

Taking those similarities and applying it to the storyline of the New Avengers, these dark horse candidates are some of rap’s most mighty powered MCs, even if you would beg to differ. For those not keeping score (or only familiar with the movie adaptation, The Avengers), in addition to founders Captain America and Iron Man, the team included surprise members such as The Thing, Spider-Man and Wolverine. This Hip-Hop line-up of genetically gifted wordsmiths are ones who launched the new era of the culture, and continue to make strides within the genre both seen and unseen.

So, with that said, suit up and get ready to assemble alongside Rap’s Most Mighty Powered MCs!