Barnes & Noble Launches New Nook HD and HD+

Looking for an early Christmas gift for your grandparents? Look no further than the Nook HD. The new Nook is the second version of the Nook tablet with new hardware and a sharper screen. The tablet is already prepared to be shipped out to stores, just in time for the holiday season.

Barnes & Noble released a statement Wednesday (Sept. 26) that the new Nook will be bigger and better than ever, with a HD screen and new features for users. The prices are reasonable. The 7-inch Nook HD starts at $199, while the bigger 9-inch screen, named the Nook HD+, will start at $269.

Barnes & Noble, the largest book retail chain in America, has been investing heavily in their e-book department. The company has done well with their e-reader sales so far this year. According to the Associated Press, quarterly sales increased 46 percent, due to the lowered price of the Nook.

The company is trying to remove itself from comparisons to Amazon’s successful Kindle and Kindle Fire, and the iPad. The new Nook allows readers to rent and purchase videos through their tablets, and create profiles that make it easier to find books and maintain their libraries.

Barnes & Noble will continue to sell the smaller black and white e–reader, the Nook Simple Touch ($99) and the backlit Nook Simple Touch ($139).

This can be a good move for Barnes & Noble, while trying to keep up with the new tablet-obsessed world. According to Foster Research, an estimated 112.5 million Americans are likely to have tablets by 2016.