Bat Don’t Shiv: 5 Reasons Why You Should Cop “The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1″


Among hardcore comic book fans, there are few tales as memorable and iconic as Frank Miller’s 1986 contribution to the Batman mythos – The Dark Knight Returns. After Batman: Year One’s successful release, you can tell from this film’s trailer that audiences will be offered a glimpse into the aesthetic and tone of Batman different than what you’ve seen before.

The project, which became available on Sept. 25, finds Bruce Wayne retired from a life of caped crusading, and struggling to place his footing in a new Gotham era. Most of the world’s best superheroes have hung up their cape or started working for The Man. As our hero tries to find the balance within his life, a new nemesis arises in the form of The Mutants. Led by the sinister Mutant Leader (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams), the Dark Knight returns to bring new hope to a desolate Gotham City, and instantly becoming a target of law enforcement and evil doers alike.

Without giving too much away, yet still wanting to emphasize just how cool of a moment this is, we’re going to let you in on 5 Reasons Why You Should Cop The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1</strong> right now, as in this very second.

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