Vixen Day Out! BET’s Town Hall Meeting #RespectMyVote


Yesterday, I attended BET’s Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention, an event hosted by the Hip Hop Caucus, BET’s Vote 2012 Campaign, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Election Protection Coalition and Charlotte School of Law.

Kevin Powell (@Kevin_Powell), Barbara Arnwire (@barbs73), Carrie B. CookSunshine Anderson (@Sunshine), Big Mike of Day 26, Rev. Yearwood (@RevYearwood), and Geraldine Sumpter discussed the impact of the youth vote, voter suppression, each presidential nominee’s policies, being knowledgeable and the importance of voting in local elections.

I picked up a couple great quotes along the way:

“They are recruiting people to work the polls to intimidate people. We need you there with them.” -Barbara Arnwire

“Local elections are very important because they effect our day-to-day life.” -Carrie B. Cook

“Everybody in the hood needs to vote for a District Attorney.” -Mr. Davey D

“We need to know who the judges and district attorneys are. Forget Obama for a minute.” -Mr. Davey D

“Women are the backbone of the community , it’s so important that we have women in office.” -Carrie B. Cook

“Whatever happens in 65 days…this will be President Obama’s last election, but it won’t be ours.” -Rev. Yearwood