Vixen Day Out! BET’s Town Hall Meeting #RespectMyVote

This year’s Respect My Vote representative is 2 Chainz. The Atlanta rapper was a first-time voter in the 2008 election. Prior to the election he was not a registered voter and was unaware that he had the right to vote considering he lost his citizenship when he was charged at the age of 15.

In 2008, he was told that he had regained citizenship. At the time, he felt that he didn’t have a platform to have a large impact on voting, but he did tell his friends. Four years later, he feels that he has the power and fame to inform many about how important it is to vote.

There are 8 million unregistered African American voters! If you voted in the 2008 election, check your voter registration to ensure that you are registered in your town. There are many new voting laws. To ensure that you will not be effected call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

Press play to hear 2 Chainz share his story below: