Burger King Mascot Prank Catches McDonald’s Employees By Surprise

This wasn’t the work of some fast food corporation.

Over the weekend, a Burger King mascot prank was the talk of the town in Rome, Georgia after news stories broke of a prankster dressed in the BK custom who was spotted roaming around a local McDonald’s location.

In reality Burger King actually stopped using the mascot character but that didn’t stop the dressed man from handing out free hamburgers and taking taking pictures with kids. When questioned by the staff, the fake mascot said he was raising money for charities.

Eventually, local police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. A local comedy group by the name of the The Woodcreek Faction are the only parties to have come forth and publicly supported the prank.

Do you think it’s hilarious or rude?

Watch video footage of the prank below:

(via Huffpost)