Chicago Teachers Strike Leaves 400K Kids Out of School


School has only been underway for a few days but Chicago has another major problem on it’s hands.

More than 400,000 Chi students are already out of class as teachers go on strike in the country’s third-largest school district.

Almost 30,000 teachers and support staff are not on the job today after 10 months of negotiations. This mark’s Chicago’s first teacher strike in 25 years.

“The kids in Chicago belong in the classroom,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters Sunday night, after the talks failed. “Our kids do not deserve this.”

There are over 700 schools affected by the strike. Some schools will be open with limited hours but it’s barely a dent in the issue.

“Negotiations have been intense but productive, but we have failed to reach an agreement that would prevent a labor strike,” Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis told reporters late Sunday night.

With Chicago’s growing teen violence problem plaguing the streets, the city is under siege.

When will it end?

(via CNN)