Clint Eastwood Shares His Views on Gay Marriage with Ellen DeGeneres

Clint Eastwood has never been one to bite his tongue.

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime show, the 82-year-old actor expressed his views on gay marriage. Eastwood stated that his pro gay marriage stance stems from the “Libertarian idea to leave everybody alone!” These comments are off the heels of his erratic speech at the Republican National Convention in which the Oscar-winning director talked to an imaginary Obama about his faults as president.

Eastwood continued in saying “the condition of the society right now with the high unemployment rates we’d think there’d be a lot to think about, well except what gay marriage is about.” Although Eastwood may have a point, it is unclear whether or not this statement is a full fledged endorsement for gay marriage. Ellen and Clint agreed that in this economic climate there are “more important things to talk about.”