Vixen Chat: David Tutera Talks New Season of ‘My Fair Wedding’ and Fantasy Celebrity Ceremonies


VV: What about Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa?
DT: That’s a good one. That’s kind of similar to what I just said. If they’re smart, they actually might go for the unexpected and maybe do something much more formal. I think they would do something that’s more modern, not classic. Younger, sleeker, sexy, maybe all white with punches of colors with their lighting. A sit-down dinner. Very edgy.

And the big one, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?
I can’t even answer that question. If they have a big wedding, don’t even shout me, because when she had her last wedding and after 72 days it was over, I was ape shit upset. If she does this again, I will lose it.

What would your ideal wedding be for them?
A picnic in the park for the two of them. That’s how angry it makes me.

There are a lot of newly engaged young ones out here. How do you feel about people getting married so young now, and what advice do you have for them before they jump into their wedding planning?
If there are younger ones, I always say that they need to be in relationships long enough before they decide to walk down the aisle. Often a lot of celebrities call me to do their weddings and during the wedding planning process, they wind up breaking up because it’s like one of the first times in their relationship that they’re actually doing something together as a couple. It brings out a lot of issues, a lot of discrepancies and a lot of emotions. You shouldn’t be figuring that out when you’re planning your wedding. You should already be there by the time you get to the planning of your wedding. So these younger people that are thinking about walking down the aisle, they need to have a sturdy, confident and secure relationship. Rushing to get down the aisle is a huge mistake.

Is there anything else you’re working on?
Besides the new show, there’s a lot happening with me regarding the things I’m executing for my brides. One of my mottos has always been, “I don’t see brides by color or by size,” and I’ve done a great job in providing fashion for all of my girls. I have my own bridal gown line and it’s doing incredible around the country. I have also just launched my own line of jewelry for fashion called ‘Embellished’ which is online. Everything that I always do is always affordable for the girls. I have my own shoe line coming out, my own craft line that is in Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s. Also, my David Tutera Wedding Planne’ is an online program that you can buy a monthly subscription and have, for a very affordable cost, all the knowledge of David Tutera, me, as your wedding planner through a subscription program. If anyone goes to my website,, all of what I just talked about is able to be navigated through there.

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