Deceased Actor Leaves Millions To 9 Year Old Daughter


Money can never replace the loss of a loved one, but we’re pretty certain that this little girl will enjoy the big bucks she just inherited.

When actor Dennis Hopper passed away back in 2010, he left behind a 9 year old daughter, Galen, and an estranged ex-wife, Victoria Duffy. Now, according to TMZ, Hopper has left Galen with the ultimate parting gift—$2.25 million in cash and $600,000 worth of property.

Prior to his death, the pair were reportedly in the midst of an unfortunately nasty divorce. Thanks to a pretty tight prenup agreement however, Victoria got nothing when he died. He also made sure she had no share or control in Galen’s trust fund—making that detail clear in his will.

Based on reports, it seems like everything worked out as it should’ve in the aftermath of Hopper’s passing. We just hope that Victoria doesn’t try and manipulate the situation, or her daughter, for the sake of money.