Finding Neverland’s Freddie Highmore Is Young Norman Bates

You can put your movie IQ to the test after the jump!

If you’re familiar with the face on the right, then you sir or ma’am know your masters of horror. By any chance you are familiar with young Freddie Highmore, then you’ve been a quick study of his previous work. The talented star in such works as Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland has cultivated a career playing friendly, goody two-shoes types. Now it appears that Highmore was keeping a dark secret locked in that charming closet of his; full of murderous impulses and disturbing mommy issues.

TV network A&E has already greenlit the project and ordered 10 episodes of the show, with the first script written by Anthony Cipriano (Twelve and Holding) and the show itself to be overseen by former Lost man Carlton Cuse. You can just imagine how stellar it will be to see the Bates Motel being constructed.

Highmore will play the young Norman Bates, the as-yet-to-be titled TV movie will be digging into the birth and nurturing of his twisted family relationship. Max Theriot (Jumper) is playing Norm’s ill-fated brother Dylan, while Vera Farmiga will play Mother, and we all know what ends up happening to her a few years later, don’t we?

Watch the original 1960 trailer featuring the legendary Alfred Hitchcock giving a tour of the set below:

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