First Time Ever – Five US Cities Will Host Top 100 DJs Party

American EDM fans are being pampered with world class talent and productions making their way stateside to perform for them. Not only are giant productions like Sensation America and Mysteryland making their U.S. debut, but now, DJ Mag has announced that they will host their Top 100 DJ parties in the states for the first time ever.

According to a statement, “reflecting the explosion of electronic dance music in the U.S. in recent times, we’ll also be throwing Top 100 DJs parties in the U.S. — five, to be precise.”

Four of the five cities are a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a place that has a hotbed of EDM culture for fans to come out and support. Among them are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. But it’s the fifth city that was announced that has me the most excited. Seattle Washington, the shining emerald of a metropolis nestled amidst nature up north is finally getting its debut on the national stage, where the world’s number one DJ will play to a fan base that has been waiting for this kind of recognition from the EDM space for years.

All five shows are slated to take place back-to-back in late October, after the world’s Number One DJ is announced at the Amsterdam Dance Event on Oct. 19th.

If one looks at the schedule of shows laid out, they might notice a correlation between the slated dates and Armin van Buuren’s tour schedule. Coincidence? I guess we’ll find out soon enough when the poll results are finally released next month. Regardless of who is named number one this year, anyone stateside should make an effort to get to one of these shows.

Top 100 parties in the U.S. where the world’s #1 DJ will play

Miami – October 24th, Mansion
New York – October 25th, Location TBA
Seattle – October 26th, Location TBA
Las Vegas – October 27th, Marquee Day Club & Night Club
Los Angeles – October 28th, Location TBA