Career Do’s & Dont’s We Learned from ‘Girlfriend Confidential: LA’

Girlfriend Confidential: LAstarring Eva Marcille and her gal pals Denyce Lawton, Kelly Marie Dunn and Nikki Chu–is a docu-series that follows the four ladies in their pursuit to balance their careers and relationships, a task familiar to most Vixens.

While the introductory episode showed each lady’s passion in action, it also showed a delicate side full of love, hurt and perseverance. Eva and Nikki are booking gigs/setting up appointments and trying to make sense of their relationships, while actress Denyce is in the process of rebuilding her acting career. Busy brand manager Kelly, on the other hand, remains low-key about her love life or lack thereof.

Don’t you wish you really could have your cake and eat it, too? Be at the height of your game with a winning playbook and an awesome guy who won’t back down? Lucky for us, there is a way to maintain a successful career and peace of mind without sacrificing relationships.

Check out some of the career do’s and don’ts we learned from watching Girlfriend Confidential: LA. (And do not forget to catch new episodes every Monday on Oxygen at 11 p.m.)