Career Do’s & Dont’s We Learned from ‘Girlfriend Confidential: LA’

Girlfriend Confidential: LADon’t…

…mix business with pleasure
Although it’s nice to have your partner around for support, don’t depend on their appearance at work-related events. You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. Eva was in a little rut because her boyfriend promised to go to NYC to see her walk the runway, but he didn’t show up. She didn’t let it effect her performance, but sometimes disappointing news can.

…compare yourself to others
It’s difficult knowing you have the capability to do the same work as others when you’re having trouble finding an outlet that allows you to do it. That, however, doesn’t mean to start discrediting yourself because you see others getting farther ahead. Denyce made a remark about acting roles coming easy to Eva because she won America’s Next Top Model, but when you start comparing your accomplishments to that of someone else’s, you begin to lose site of the goal. Worry about what works for you versus what worked for someone else. With patience and persistence, you might find yourself excelling above their expectations and your own.