Guest Editor Tamar Braxton Talks Spinoff Show & Why She Doesn’t Want Children Yet


Tamar Braxton is by far the most out spoken Braxton out of all of her sisters, but don’t let the loud mouth myth fool you. The youngest sister has landed a spinoff show on WE tv with her husband Vincent Herbert, and is ready to show the world her softer side. VIBE caught up with our former cover girl to discuss the new show, business ventures, and why she’s not ready to add children to her list of priorities just yet. Check out what the certified diva had to say. -Krystal Holmes

What should viewers expect to see from your new show Tamar and Vince?
It’s so funny because you’ll definitely see me in a different light. I’m the loud mouth and opinionated sister in Braxton Family Values so I kind of took a back seat to my husband Mr. Vincent Herbert. You’ll definitely see my reaction to somebody kind of to bossing me around a little bit. It’s a lot of unexpected funny things that’s happening.

Will any of your sisters make any cameos on any of the episodes?
The girls are not in the series. It’s a lot about Vincent and I, not only our relationship, but other relationships too, like our friends make cameos on there and we talk about what’s going on in relationships and how we deal with ours and how they deal with theirs. I really find it to be a very funny empowering series for not just couples, but people who want to be in a relationship and people who have been hurt by other relationships they can definitely get to it by watching the show.

How are you handling the fame as a reality star?
I actually don’t feel famous. I feel like I’m the same exact person that I was when we started Braxton Family Values series because on TV I’m exactly the same person that I am in person.

Do you ever see an end to your career as a reality star? Would you ever branch off to anything else?
There are a lot of things that I’m definitely interested in doing. Number one is putting out my record that I’m so proud of and clothing designing and I started my line of T-Shirts and coming on September 20th when the show comes out you’ll be able to get my sweat suit collection called “Get Your Life” and that’s something I’m really proud of because it’s really close to me. I did everything from pick the fabric to the type of stich I’m just really excited about it because. Everything that I would wear, I would put my name on.

What’s the collection going to be like?
It’s a lot like Juicy Couture, so its really comfortable, sexy, glitter sweat suits.

How has reality TV stardom benefited from your career?
I think that I’ve started to be taken very serious as far as my singing goes and artistry. I think that people just thought that it was a hobby, no it was something that I had to do and have to do. It’s really been funny because all these years I’ve been singing and I’ve had five record deals before this one that I have now, and it’s just so funny because it feels like my first record deal because it’s the first time everyone is taking my artistry and writings very serious.

How do you balance being a wife and reality star?
My number one priority in my life right now is being a good wife and being supportive of my husband because I feel like right now in our life that’s what we both need. My husband got sick last year and it’s important to me that he’s healthy. Making sure that he’s taking his medicine on time, eating the right food, and going to his trainer when he’s supposed to are my number one priority because I want to make sure he’s well and I’d want him to do the same thing for me. Second is where the career falls in to place. A lot of people say things like why don’t you want to carry your husband’s baby. That’s not the issue, the issue is that I would like to show my children things in life by example and there are some things that I want to accomplish first. Before I’m someone’s mother because I think it’s selfish that I’m a mother and I have to stop being a mother and being at home with my children and then going after my career. To me, and my personal beliefs I think that’s backwards., I would like to be at home raising my kids and being there for my husband and right now that’s just something that I cannot do, so I’m not going to do that.

In three words tell our readers why they should watch Tamar and Vince
Number one because it’s Fabulous, two Empowering and three I believe it’s going to be Effective.