Men in Style: Anthony Mackie Talks Fashion at NYC Heineken “Crack The Case” Event


Earlier this week, the MTA Museum in Brooklyn was the platform for the 15th Anniversary of Heineken’s partnership with the James Bond movie franchise. The museum was a quintessential space to imagine scenes from classic James Bond films and debut themes from the newest film, SKYFALL.

As guests meandered the Heineken decorated platform and boarded the historic train cars–complete with snow bunnies, ice crystals, Russian dolls and faux fur stoles–I had the opportunity to ask some of the male attendees to share their most James Bond-like essentials from their style repertoire.  Actor Anthony Mackie shared that his shoe game is of utmost importance. He says, “A man is always measured by his shoes. I try to keep my shoe game correct so you can know everything you need to know about me.” And his shoes at the event screamed sophistication.

Coltrane Curtis of Team Epiphany proclaimed that he was “the real Black James Bond,” as he flashed his Omega Seamaster watch, the luxury watch most associated with the James Bond character. Curtis also listed other clothing staples such as single and double-breasted jackets, white dinner coats to signal his Bond-esque style.

Street style photographer William Yan reminded us of Bond’s use of gadgets and detailed his iPhone as his most Bond-like essential. As a blogger, it’s all inclusive and can double as a recorder or camera to assist any other covert assignments.

One of the ladies, Pietrina Love made it clear that espionage style is not exclusive to gentlemen but shared that her thigh-high boots are her go-to item because it makes her feels sexy and secretive. “I feel like I’m on a mission when I’m in them,” she says.

Most of the fellas also mentioned owning a suit or tux with a well-fitted, crisp white shirt and bowtie is necessary to assemble the signature suave appearance. It may currently be a moment of snapbacks and tattoos, but it’s more than okay to spruce it up a bit by way of paying homage to 007’s hallmark fashion sense.

SKYFALL is set to hit U.S. theaters November 9.–Rachel Francois