Iowa Residents Wins Big in Powerball Jackpot


Iowa was the hotspot for Powerball jackpot victories.

According to NBC News, the winning ticket for Wednesday’s drawing was sold at Casey’s General Store in Bondurant, Iowa with the prize of $202.1 million. The lotto winner interestingly chose multiples of 13 as the first three numbers on the ticket: 13, 26, 39, 41, 42, Powerball: 10.

Call it a case of weird coincidence, but other Iowa-based individuals swiped the wins for the $1 million ticket in Williamsburg and a $10,000 ticket in Hiawatha. The winning ticket for Powerball’s $100,000 Cash Game was sold in Fort Madison.

“Even we are awestruck by this news … we can’t remember a time when we’ve seen this many winners all in one night,” Lottery CEO Terry Rich said. “We’re conducting standard security checks for the tickets involved, but it’s definitely an unusual and very exciting time in Iowa for lottery players. And if there’s ever a time to check and double-check your lottery tickets, this is it.”

A press release from the Iowa lottery also read that the processing of the winning information “is expected to take longer than usual.”

Though the jackpot has been jacked down to $40 million, another individual will get a shot at the money during the drawing this Saturday.