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Jay Electronica’s 10 Most Devastating Lyrics

There’s not too many emcees like Timothy Elpadaro Thedford on this Earth. The talented titan better known by his stage name Jay Electronica is a force within the fixtures of rap who looks to show all the doubters the source of his power with Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). With the game eager to thank him for being so fly on the M-I-C, the young New Orleans tycoon has delivered his brand of braggadocios to the masses with an effortless cool that makes heads do a double take.

Consistently spitting hocus-pocus since What The Fvck Is A Jay Electronica?!, Jay ElectRamadaan has more than just Nas, T.I. and Diddy wondering what’s taking him so long. The Roc Nation recording artist, who is currently putting the finishing touches on his major label debut, has more than just a lot of family, he’s got a lot of fans! That’s why we here at VIBE Pop Culture got his back like the Verizon man.

With victory in his clutches, we present Jay Electronica’s 10 Most Devastating Lyrics, and hope you’ll be ready for the championship party!

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