Jay-Z On Possible Future In Politics: “I Don’t Even Like The Word ‘Politics'”


Jay-Z isn’t a stranger to showing support for President Barack Obama. However, don’t expect him to throw on his wheat Timbs and step into the White House officially. “I don’t even like the word politics. It implies something underhanded and I think we need less government,” Hov said in an interview with MTV News while celebrating the release of the NBA 2K13 video game last night. He followed up by stating, “To be honest with you I think a lot of people are serving their own agendas, so they just argue back and forth and they think about their next term—and it’s more about themselves than about the people. They’re servicing the people, but we rarely get anything done because they’re going back and forth with whatever they’re doing, so I’m not really into politics.” While he isn’t a fan of politics, he definitely has a respect and admiration for Mr. O. Speaking on our President, Jay said, “I gotta respect a man who is the first black president ever. To have that sort of vision and dream, I have to support that.” Watch Jay-Z’s MTV News interview on politics & Obama below:

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