Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Grand Opening in BK’s Barclays Center


History was made last night as Jay-Z unveiled the posh and polished new 40/40 Club in the equally new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Sharp and studious in a traditional tux adding lightening quick wit as his fashion accessory, Jay walked the red carpet with dash and flash. Never spending more than a few moments with any press outlet while in front of the backdrop of logos.

A clear smile of accomplishment and an air of supreme confidence walked with the part owner of the newborn Brooklyn Nets. So much was made of the long delayed construction of the rust washed structure that sits squarely in the heart of downtown BK.

Celebs and prominent government officials peppered the venue. Rihanna and J Cole from Roc Nation along with NY police commissioner Ray Kelly, Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and Miss Info. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams of the Nets were also in attendance. Questions loomed concerning mega record executive Lyor Cohen who just stepped down as head of the Warner Records Group and what his next business moves would be. He mingled lightly as his hand was in a cast, but still pulled off his suit style with ease.

Aside from the big wigs’ presence, the look of the 40/40 club speaks volumes to the constant symbol of hip-hop’s reach through Jay’s association even when the Nets won’t be playing.

One walk through the dimly lit space speaks volumes to the amount of detail taken in expanding what opulence means in curating a “sports bar”. Wide walkways lots of oversized glass walls, plush sofas, stadium layered seating, smooth edges to all table settings regardless if you like normal table heights or taller bar stool type size.

The many TVs throughout the lounge make it where you won’t miss a single play weather you turn your head for a conversation or trip and fall on your back. You’ll still see the score no matter what. Now if you have a supreme package, you can get the seats closest to the court that are connected to the open ended area of the club that showcases the basketball court. Outfitted with personal flat screens and direct service, you’ll want for nothing that can’t be delivered to your seat. Speaking of service, the staff is extremely polite and courteous. You can only hope that they stay that way.

All in all, the place is the type of establishment you would expect from the boss of original floss. From the decorated lighting, to the elaborate flooring, Jay has done it again. Hello Brooklyn.