The Kardashians Respond to Kanye West’s Sex Tape

Kanye West’s stolen sex tape (or two) is no sweat off the Kardashian family’s back.

It seems the clan is supporting ‘Ye during this controversial time (like they did way back when with Kim) and writing the adult film off as “no big deal.”

“All of the Kardashians love Kanye and they have told him that they don’t care that the report about his sex tape came out,” a source told “Kris and both Khloe and Kourtney told Kanye that this isn’t anything to worry about, and since they dealt with Kim’s tape it is no big deal.”

With recent claims that Kanye used to get in his zone by warming up with Kim’s famous sex tape, his home video has surfaced at the best time. Now the family jokes that Kanye has a type, as his alleged partner in the short film is a spot-on Kim look alike.