Ladies in the Streets: Style’s Urban Remix


CassieOnline retailer Karmaloop hosts the world’s largest collection of street wear for both sexes, and recently launched, a ladies-only urbanwear spin-off. KL’s lifestyle marketing coordinator Heather C. White says female street garb has been prevalent in their inventory since the site’s launch in 2000. “Our buyers are a mix of hardcore street wear [and] feminine designs [with] street influences,” says White. “They love anything that’s borrowing from the boys like sneakers, varsities and snapbacks.”

A penchant for street attire may be copycat in essence, but the style choices seem more premeditated for today’s generation of femme fatales. From sky-high Christian Louboutin heels to thigh-hugging denim, women are now looking to the streets for more down-to-earth couture. “Cassie attended a Givenchy fashion show wearing a Givenchy tee, quilted leather pants and red Nike blazers–it’s phenomenal but it’s also part of her personality,” says Samia Grand-Pierre, Co-Editor of Highsnobette.

ROC star Rita Ora is another kick-back enthusiast. Even with a red pucker, bright blonde curls and soul-soothing pipes, the singer’s footwear catches more attention. “I love my sneakers,” Ora says. “I have an impressive heel collection but I can’t perform in [them].” At her MTV Unplugged taping, the “How We Do” vocalist also gave props to a fan rocking Timbaland boots, mentioning that she had recently copped a pair of her own.