Ladies in the Streets: Style’s Urban Remix


Kim KardashianThe ghetto street chic isn’t exclusive to music artists, as reality television’s leading lady Kim Kardashian has been snapped up by paparazzi donning sneakers with upscale pieces. The famed entrepreneur has paired “Cement” Nike Air Jordan IIIs with romp-accentuating leather leggings and a Hermes bag while strolling through New York City. She’s grown a footwear fetish since dating rapper boyfriend Kanye West, even posting his-and-hers Yeezys on Instagram.

Though the men have forged the way for ghetto couture, the ladies are elevating it with their self-made swank. Grand-Pierre says style has fled from the catwalk and creeped into urban settings that happen to overlap with the fashion capitals of the world. “The runway gives a direction but when you look around on the streets, you might see silhouette [dresses] and skinny jeans,” she says. “Fashion has become open.”

Even if the thrifty urbanista can’t afford comma-in-the-pricetag designs, high-brow street wear makes it seamless to mix and match curated trends. The only prerequisite is a passion for fashion. Grand-Pierre adds, “It takes that woman who is edgy [and] not afraid to rock the boat that wants to make her own style, not just the look of the moment.”–Adelle Platon