Lamar Odom Talks Khloe Kardashian, KimYe & L.A. Clippers


What goes down must come up


My mother died of cancer when I was 12. A lot of these NBA dudes have their mothers at games. I tell them be thankful and appreciate the time they have. To ball in front of your mom? That’s crazy to me.

When I got traded to Dallas, people thought I couldn’t concentrate because I was traded. But my cousin had just got killed. I was mentally drained and to leave my comfort zone, I was zapped.

My father always stayed clean. Clothes were crazy ill, from head to toe—he was an ill dude. But there was the toll [heroin] used to have on his appearance. Sometimes because of what it does, it gives them all the same look.

When you combine the [Kardashian] fans with sports fans, it’s two demographics coming together. Privacy is a little different. If you do a reality show, people feel like they know you.

I told my kids there was a time when I wasn’t loyal enough to give a woman my last name. I had to let them know: “When pops was with your moms, daddy was wild and wasn’t respectful and that’s what drove us apart.” That was hard telling them, especially my daughter.