Laura Govan On ‘Basketball Wives’ & Drastic Weight Loss

–With one season under their belts and another preparing to shoot soon, the LA cast of Basketball Wives is bringing the drama and heat in more ways than one. Gloria Govan’s big sister Laura joined the cast while at a crossroads of sorts. She’d just had her fourth child with Gilbert Arenas (NBA Memphis Grizzlies), while dealing with a lawsuit that Arenas filed to get her blocked from the show. It appeared that she was trying to get her bearings after making the big move to LA.

A lot can happen in a year.

Her boyfriend is now her fiancé. Arenas dropped his lawsuit against the show and she dropped 90 pounds – not an easy feat — but for Laura it was. Oh and let’s not forget the million-dollar 23-carat engagement ring that Arenas personally designed. From where we’re sitting, Laura isn’t doing badly. If the engagement goes through, she’ll be one of two cast mates on her season of Basketball Wives to be an actual basketball wife.

There hasn’t been a moment in the era of reality TV that a show brought so much controversy that people are split on whether it should be cancelled or renewed for another season. Such is the case for Vh1’s Basketball Wives. The debate surrounding the show has to do with the question of whether it is presenting African-American and Latina women in a stereotypical way. The franchise originally started in Miami and ratings steadily climbed. But their breakout season came when ex-Real World-er Tami Roman joined the cast and gave the show a serious shot of sass … and bullying. After that, the Miami version — executive produced by Shaunie O’Neal (ex-wife of baller Shaquille O’Neal) — became a franchise, joining the LA girlfriends, wives and exes into a drama-filled cast of there own. Surprisingly, Basketball Wives LA stars Shaunie’s old rival from the Miami cast – Gloria. No one knew how the spinoff would fare – but where there’s controversy, there’s ratings.

Recently UPTOWN sat down with Laura to talk about her engagement, weight loss and the backlash for the show that made her a household name.

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