Laura Govan On ‘Basketball Wives’ & Drastic Weight Loss

UPTOWN: First off, congratulations on your engagement. Tell us about it.

Laura: We actually got engaged a few years ago. But to be fresh and new the engagement this time seemed to be more meaningful. It came with growth. It made it sexier and better. We’re more in love. We are super-excited. We want to do an intimate wedding. It’s not something we want to share publicly. He designed the ring himself. It is 23-carats. It speaks for itself.

UPTOWN: Now, how did you go from breaking up and moving to LA to getting engaged?

Laura: I definitely think that the separation helped. It helped in reuniting. We have four kids together – we’re always going to be connected. I didn’t have any intentions or plans of coming back. It’s funny how God works. When we saw each other, we knew. It was the same love — and better.

UPTOWN: What works best in a relationship?

Laura: You have to pay your dues. You have to learn to love each other and respect each other. It doesn’t come easy. If you are willing to put in the time to work, it will work. It is all about growth. I hate when people complain about it and don’t put in the time.

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